Typography Blocks as Art

I found these amazing typography blocks at a local flea market and the creative juices started flowing as to what I could use them for. They are very inexpensive and can be a great way to personalize something in your home. Let's get creative...use paint, spray paint, gold leaf, you name it!

Here are a few ideas below. Its good to think outside the box. What would you use them for?

Blocks that have been individually painted or stained and then hot glued onto another piece of wood and them framed. Sounds like an afternoon's worth of work for an art piece you can enjoy for years. Maybe even hide hidden messages for your guests to find.

Etsy, the type junkie

I love the idea of a coffee table top. Its very unique and the deep red tones in the picture above add a sophistication to the playful blocks.

crate and barrel

You can use them in a kids room, or spell out inspirational words in your office.


Functional and quirky works too.



Flea Market Finds

I recently spent some time back in my hometown and was lucky enough to be there during the Burton Ohio Antique Show (held twice a year). Here are some pieces that really stood out to me. Hopefully it gives you more reason to check out your local flea markets and antique shows before buying new. Enjoy!

These chairs are in terrific shape and could add a modern flair to any office, kids room, or living room.

Odd as they may seem, these cool anatomical illustrations would be really interesting framed and added to your art collection.

I love these gliders! They are in excellent condition and with some bright pillows can look summery and fresh while maintaining a retro feel. A perfect example of very unique pieces that you will have a hard time finding in stores.

One of the most interesting finds at the flea market that day were old art slides bought from a college art class. They would make a great art piece or be interesting in a window. Hmmm...how to use these?

This panel hiding behind a rooster looks like it needs a little TLC, but would be a really great room divider or wall feature after its been painted.

What a surprise to find these old silhouette portraits. Excellent choice for adding interest to a blank wall. They add personality without being too specific like a photograph. Check out recent work influenced by this art form at www.westelm.com. Their new art collection for fall is a modern interpretation of this form of silhouette art. See it here.


Old dinnerware like this can be very expensive in stores, but is very reasonable at flea markets. I could just imagine these sitting on a shelf in Anthropologie going for $5 or more a plate. Reminder: The more you buy the easier it is to get a better price from a dealer.

A lovely piece to put up on your wall. Maybe even personalize it by putting photos between the spokes.

Orange candlesticks...OH MY! This color is awesome and very unique. They can be a great way to infuse a room with a little life.

Buying many chairs would provide stylish extra seating at a party...Buying one chair would spice up your desk area. Either way they are really cool and inexpensive!

Here is a unique find. This could be used in an office space or living room. Display magazines, a newspaper, books, or even art. You can keep it the way it is for an industrial look, or spend a little extra dough getting it powder coated to look like new (tons of color choices if this is the route you take).

This old gaming table caught my eye as being a cool tray for a coffee table, or as an amusing art piece for your wall.

Oh yeah! Bring on the vintage phones! Even if you only use your cellphone these days, a phone like this can be an interesting conversation piece in your home and add color where there was none before.

Love these cool painted milk jugs. They would make great umbrella holders. If red and black aren't your thing...then spray paint them the color of your choice (remember to use spray primer first). Using a bold color will make them look more modern and less country.

This lucite vanity stool was a surprise to find too! This would look wonderful under a console table / impromtu writing desk, and can provide quick extra seating with a touch of elegance and glamour.

These quilts could be accent pieces in a guest room or over an old chair.

I love the look of stacked suitcases in a house. Not only do they provide you with extra space to store blankets or books, but they give your space a vintage, eclectic look.

Vintage glass jars can be an interesting way of displaying collections or can add a country feel to flowers on your table.