Pumpkin Decorating

Halloween is officially upon us.  Have you gotten your pumpkins yet? I know that I am running really behind with all the holiday cheer. One of my favorite things to get me in the spirit though is to pick out my pumpkin, carve it up while watching a cheesy horror movie and drinking apple cider. Not sure what my design will be this year, but these pics were really inspiring.  There are so many creative people out there don't you think? They really know how to make a pumpkin stand out even more.  How are you planning on decorating your pumpkin?


  1. That mummy pumpkin is pretty darn cute! xo

  2. I know! It's funny how something that is supposed to be scary can end up looking so adorable.

  3. I love the pumpkins with the mice. How easy is that. Party City sells bags of mice.. just cut or drill holes in your pumpkins. I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!