Store Visit: Potted

There are many garden stores in Los Angeles, but I've found that none compare to Potted in the Atwater/Los Feliz area.  After driving by my first impression was that it was just another garden center, but then quickly realized that "Hey, wait a minute...was that modern outdoor furniture?"  A u-turn followed and I found that I had been missing out on an amazing home store right in my neighborhood.

Potted is a garden lover's dream!  It is tastefully curated with a unique selection of modern to antique outdoor accessories that range from the manufactured to the handmade.  Perfect if you are looking for signature pieces for your home, or for a special gift.  Along with the great selection of products, the store has a laid-back vibe and the staff make you feel comfortable and completely at home.  I was greeted by one of the owners, Mary Gray, who took the time to tell me about the store, and then gave me all the time I needed to peruse (geek out) over their products.  I'm definitely going back for some Christmas gifts soon and can't wait to pick up one of their Lilac Dandelion Glass Jar Candles.  For more information visit them online at PottedStore.com


Bob Verschueren's Wind Paintings

While reading one of my favorite blogs, Design Sponge, I came across these amazing works of art and I had to share them.  They remind me of the large scale work of Jim Denevan, but were actually created about 20-30 years earlier.  I've fallen in love with these breathtaking pieces because Verschueren takes something in it's most elemental form and without really any manipulation, lets nature create the outcome. For me, this is a really beautiful concept.  To see more of Bob Verschueren's work check out his website HERE.  Also, make sure you watch the video in his gallery of photos of the piece above being washed away by the tide.  Pretty awesome.

images: design sponge


Nesso Lamp

These lamps are like eye candy.  Originally designed in 1967 by Giancarlo Mattioli, the Nesso Lamp is made of injection-molded thermoplastic and can provide you with direct or indirect lighting.  They are bright and cheery, yet also beautifully designed and sophisticated.  While the price tag can be a little steep, this piece is timeless and ready to add a little funkiness to your space.


Pumpkin Decorating

Halloween is officially upon us.  Have you gotten your pumpkins yet? I know that I am running really behind with all the holiday cheer. One of my favorite things to get me in the spirit though is to pick out my pumpkin, carve it up while watching a cheesy horror movie and drinking apple cider. Not sure what my design will be this year, but these pics were really inspiring.  There are so many creative people out there don't you think? They really know how to make a pumpkin stand out even more.  How are you planning on decorating your pumpkin?


Wood Paneled Accent Walls

These wood walls give me that cozy feeling that comes with fall weather.  I'm really drawn to the unique ways people have used reclaimed wood on accent walls to give their space a rustic kick.  As you can see, by using different patterns, or types of wood, you can create completely different looks that are unique and inspiring.  This is actually something I incorporated a few years ago into a build for "Hammer Heads."  The only difference is that we used hardwood flooring instead of reclaimed wood because we were going for a more high end look.  Whatever the case, wood walls create a warm and inviting atmosphere that make you want to stay awhile.  Time to make a trip to the scrap yard!

images: renest, Abigail Ahern, design sponge, design sponge, house to home, apartment therapy


Sticker Wallpaper by Payton Turner

In Elle Decor this month they featured the artist Payton Turner who has come up with a new technique of creating "wallpaper".  She uses STICKERS!  I think I can safely say that we've all dabbled with putting stickers on our walls as kids, but Payton has turned it into a beautiful, colorful, and unique form of wall art that has become her career.  Who knew?  At first glance her work appears to be a sophisticated print, but close up it become a landscape where tigers, monster trucks, ice cream cones, and Elvis's coexist.  It gives traditional patterns a non-traditional, irreverent edge.  I completely love it!

To commission her or buy a framed piece of art visit Flat Vernacular.com


Halloween Wreaths

My latest small home project is going to be making a Halloween wreath for my door.  The apartment I'm living in is perfect because my front door is inside an alcove so it isn't exposed to the elements.  While doing some research I came across these beautiful wreaths and wanted to share them with you.  I hope this will inspire you to perhaps create your own. Has anyone out there done a Halloween-inspired wreath before?  How did it turn out?  As for mine...you will all have to just wait and see!

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Rooms With Sheepskin

The first signs of fall are beginning to show here in Los Angeles.  We've been seeing a little colder weather and it actually rained the other day.  Hallelujah!  Fall is by far my favorite time of the year.  It makes me think about wearing scarves, drinking hot cider, eating pumpkin pie, and snuggling up with a book (not necessarily all at once, but you get it.) These cozy spaces feel ready for the season as well.  The luxurious sheepskin rugs and plush throws create a warm environment ready for relaxation and comfort.  Their fluffy texture adds a natural feel against modern furniture and brings a softness to otherwise cold spaces. Sheepskin can be a perfect way to prepare for the upcoming winter season.  Available at Ikea, they come in a variety of different sizes and are relatively inexpensive too.  In fact, I'm thinking I will pick up a Flokati for beside my bed.  It will be a wonderful change from cold hardwood floors in the morning.

images: rikshaw design, colleen fox interiors, remodelista, the white company via mydaily.co.uk, pamela duncan, emmas design blog


Etsy Home Decor Wrap Up

Shopping on Etsy can be a little daunting at times.  There are so many wonderful online stores and vendors that it can be hard to get through it all.  I often find myself getting lost for hours just looking through all the lovely things people are making and selling.  If you are like me, I was very excited to see that the site not only has original artist's work, but has been getting more home decor shops as well.  Here is a short list of some of my favorite e-stores to stop by and peruse.  They have some really unique items don't you think?  What are your favorite shops on Etsy?

1. School Wall Map  2. Victorian Kraken Octopus Plate  3. Glass Bottle Apothecary Jar  4. Toledo Cafe Chairs

1. Modern Glass Decanter  2. Mid Century Pottery Bowl  3. Mid Century Pot  4. Rust and Peach Mexican Blanket

1. Blendo Pitcher and Glasses  2. Chrome Magazine Rack  3. Trio of Brass Candlesticks  4. Lattice Edge Milk Glass Pedestal Bowl 


DIY Halloween Decorations

Halloween is just around the corner and with the costumes and candy comes the creepy decorations too. This is one of my favorite holidays so I can't wait to get started decorating. Whether changing a few light bulbs around the house to orange or red, or doing some crafty paper cutouts of cats and bats, there are so many creative ways to bring the holiday to life in your home. Instead of going on a major shopping spree for all things Halloween, try to keep it simple and use materials you already have around your house. Sometimes the easier projects can be just as effective as expensive decor you would find in the store.  I found these great ideas online from Martha Stewart and others that show unique ways of using materials you may already have lying around.  Hope it sparks your imagination and gives you some inspiration!

images:Martha Stewart, unknown, green baby guide, backyard living, better homes and gardens


LACMA: California Design Exhibit

This weekend I finally got a chance to go see the Tim Burton exhibit at the LACMA and it was super cool.  Being a fan of his films for a long time, it was a great experience to see some of the concept sketches and production details involved with his work process.  I would definitely recommend checking it out if you haven't already.  Word of warning though...try to go on a weekday.  We had to wait in long lines for most of the exhibit.

While at LACMA, I snuck a peek at the new design exhibit that just opened this weekend.  "California Design, 1930 - 1965: Living in a Modern Way" is a collection of works from various artists in California that helped shape, and continue to influence, the way we look at modern art and design.  It is part of the Pacific Standard Time series (read more about it HERE) and has a diverse selection of furniture, products, textiles, ceramics, and graphic design from the era. Along with many other people these days, I am completely obsessed with mid-century design. The streamlined furniture, the colorful teals and oranges, and well...basically everything about it.  I can't wait to check out this show!  It runs through March 25th so I've got some time.

images: LACMA