Secrets From a Stylist: Emily Henderson's Vendor List

If any of you are design nerds like me, then you have been watching Secrets of a Stylist on HGTV.  In my opinion, Emily Henderson is one of the first designers on the network to actually be qualified to have her own show.  After winning Design Star she has shown her design aesthetic to be fresh, young, and have a certain bohemian hipness that is very appealing.  With a photo stylist background, she is able to create attractive and thoughtfully curated collections of furnishings and decor without resorting to the cliche design elements featured on typical design shows (ex. faux finishing).  I believe this is why her fan base is continuing to grow.

Recently, she posted some of her favorite vendors in the LA area for furniture and accessories.  After comparing notes, there were some places she mentioned that I haven't been to yet, and others that may deserve a second look.  This means there will be a fun day ahead of me checking out some new stores and window shopping.  Latte and camera in hand...bring it on!

Check out her vendor list here:  Emily Henderson Blog


Wall Origami

Light Form modular wall unit (wood panels that can be flipped back to reveal energy efficient lights)
designed by Francesca Rogers and Daniele Gualeni Design Studio via Inhabitat

When searching for interesting art, try to think outside of the box.  There are various ways to create art through elaborate wallpaper or through subtle wall installations.  Here are a few examples of some cool designer pieces that will hopefully get the creative juices flowing.  Several of these may be a little impractical, but they sure are fun to look at!

Wallpaper from Hanna Nyman

White Room Wallpaper  by Tracy Kendall

Typology Wallpaper from Art & Deco

Sipho Mabona for Mobona Origami

Daniella H. via Flickr (could be done with coffee sleeves or paper towel rolls)

Origami's Hunter by Veronica Posada for Sistudio


 Shannon Eileen blog called Happiness Is..


Layering Rugs

I am a huge fan of the layered rug look.  It creates texture, defines the area, and can also help you save money. That's right...save $$$. Getting a larger more durable rug made of sisal, jute, or wool can provide you with the coverage you desire and a more acceptable price point than a large higher end 9' x 12' rug.  By laying a smaller, more luxurious rug on top you define the area even further and create a sophisticated look that can be much easier on your wallet.  

Room Remix



New Rugs at West Elm

With the new move behind me, the next step is to find some great rugs to cover the hardwood floors.  Not only will this make my feet feel nice and cozy, but it will insulate the room and create a sound buffer so that it won't feel as cavernous.  There are a lot of options out there, but some of my favorite rug designs are from West Elm.  They are colorful and unique in addition to being cost effective.  While searching online I was happy to see that they have a few new patterned rug designs out this season. They range in price from $39 for a 3' x 5' to $300 for a 9' x 12'.  Take a look and let me know what you think.  Too daring and bold, or just the right amount of design flair?