Beach Tent

Happy Friday!!!  Wish I was here right now.  The clock is ticking down to the weekend and I'm resisting the urge to run out and play.  I would love to get one of these umbrellas for the beach this weekend.  Check it out at the Australian company Hollie & Harrie.  Complete shade without the camping-tent-look.  I'M IN!


Designer Profile: Jessica Helgerson

Check out these amazing interiors designed by Portland-based designer Jessica Helgerson. Her use of clean lines mixed with natural, often playful, materials lends itself to an aesthetic that is both modern and comfortable. The spaces she produces are not only beautiful, but they incorporate eco-friendly products and design solutions. Truly an inspiration.

See more of her work HERE


DIY: Sunburst Mirrors

If you are having trouble creating a focal point in your space, something to consider is using a sunburst mirror.  They naturally draw your eye in while reflecting light around the room.  These glamourous additions can sometimes be hard on your wallet, but there are more economic ways of achieving the same affect.  Check out some of these different DIY ideas below.

DIY at Momtastic

DIY at Casa Sugar


Decorating with Maps

An art form in and of itself, a map can be as detailed or abstract as you want it to be and can add an international flare to your space.  It is also a great way to absorb geography. Having a map on your wall can be a wonderful learning tool each time you look at it.  How many other forms of wall art can do that?  For me, I like to keep a map up so that I can keep track of where I've been and where I want to travel to.  It is inspirational each time I pass by.  I've even taken to putting up photos to go along with the locations.  


Resource Furniture

When you think of murphy beds you don't always think of modern sophistication.  However, the amazing convertible wall units from Resource Furniture blew my mind.  As I watched the video below, I was imaging how much more use you could get out of a room by using their products.  Perfect for small spaces and apartments, they enable you to utilize your space in ways you wouldn't think are possible.  Good design, quality materials and a lifetime warranty...sign me up.

Watch this video and be amazed!


Design Sponge: Before and Afters for Dressers

With my own dresser redo still in progress, I went to Design Sponge to see some of the other creative ways people have revitalized their dressers.  The Before and After section of the site is the perfect place to find inspirational ideas for pieces, or areas of the home, that you feel need a little boost.  Seeing something go from lackluster to unique is so fulfilling.


A Day at the Beach - On a Budget

Summer is the time for having fun in the sun.  What makes it even better is when you can hit the beach in style.  Whether you are planning a picnic, or just getting in a little reading, these stylish beach accessories will make a statement and still leave you with enough money for that snow cone.

1. Ikea Samso Umbrella ($49)  2. Target Tumber Set of 12 ($29.99)  3. Restoration Hardware Cote D'Azur French Tile Beach Blanket ($34)  4. Weck Lunch Set ($12)  5. Crate and Barrel Beach Blue Sand Chair ($19.50)  6. Crate and Barrel Woven Picnic Basket ($49.95)

1. Cocopani Watermellon Streak Umbrella ($110)  2. Ikea Brommo Chair ($59.99)  3. Tiffany Playing Cards ($30)  4. Picnic and Beyond The Couture Collection-B Willow Basket ($97.98)  5. Bodum Fyrkat Portable Charcoal Grill ($49.99)


Cyanotype Fabric

I came across this the other day and wanted to share it with you.  There is a company called Blue Sunprints that sells cyanotype fabric in cotton and silk (they also sell the paper).  Not only can you incorporate this process into home decor like the example below, but you can make silk-scarves, create scrapbook inserts, and quilt.  Whatever you can think of!  It is also a terrific way to teach children about the photographic process because it is non-toxic and extremely easy to do.  Check out some of the beginner kit examples here.


Home Tour: Designer Antonio Martins

The 1937 home of San Francisco-based designer Antonio Martins has a simple elegance and vintage charm that captures the feeling of the surrounding Sonoma countryside.  I love the way he mixes furnishings from flea markets and second-hand shops with antique pieces from his travels abroad.  The modern elements along side repurposed (often industrial) materials work in harmony with one another to create a comfortable retreat from city life.  If only he would invite us for the weekend.


Furniture Repair: Polishing the Hardware

The refinishing of my dresser is still in progress and part of the journey in the beautification process is polishing up the hardware.  It is the "bling" element that will really enhance the richness of the dresser. Check out more info on polishing here, and see how I enriched the wood finish here.  I wish I could say that I was able to get all of the hardware done last week, but I realized that it is much more time consuming than I originally thought.  It took me an hour to get ONE of them done.  Yikes!  This has certainly turned into a project ... but will have its rewards in the end.


Patriotic Interior Design

Happy Fourth of July! As many of us are celebrating today I thought it might be nice to take a look at some individuals that bring their patriotism home.  Using red, white and blue is not always easy, nor is mixing stars and stripes with the rest of your decor.  However, here are a few tasteful examples that employ just the right amount of color and pattern to create the holiday vibe without interrupting your personal style.


Simple Backyard Lounge

With summer here and a three day weekend in front of us, it makes me want to spend more time outdoors.  I would love to have a patio like blogger Anna Malin's to lounge, read, or have drinks with friends.  It's design is simple and relaxed with a collected feel.  Low maintenance and no fuss can be just the ticket sometimes.  To see more of her beautiful blog and amazing style go to Helt Enkelt (if you can translate swedish...even better). 

Images: Anna Malin