Spice it up with a little Suzani!

Suzani fabric is so unique looking and colorful that it has become one of my favorite fabrics. This style of fabric is a decorative textile, usually made of silk or cotton, and is made of several pieces of fabric that have been embroidered together using silk or cotton thread. A typical motif might include sunbursts, flowers, teardrops (paisley), leaves, fruit or fish and the non-synthetic versions use bold colors found in natural dyes like reds and blues. Although they are typically used as bed covers or wall hangings, the popularity of this fabric can be seen in pillows, upholstery, and other design elements. Historically, this type of fabric comes from Central Asia and were made by brides to give to their grooms on their wedding day as part of their dowry. Maybe this is why it is so commonly seen on beds.

pic courtesy of decorpad.com

pic from elle decor magazine

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Headboards: A Look at Materials

Cutting corners when it comes to home decorating can lead to some brilliant discoveries. For instance, you are more creative than you thought, you can still use that stuff you thought was junk, or better yet you know how to use a glue gun! As many of you know, taking on the challenge of making things yourself or repurposing materials you already have can be taxing, but the payoff is totally worth it. Take these different headboards for instance. One wouldn't typically think that these would work as well as they do, but they are interesting resolutions to to where you lay your head at night.

A hollow core door was used in this pic. It's an easy way to get something substantial without having anything custom cut. You can paint it, add fabric, add upholstery tack detailing, etc. The possibilities are endless!

For a little drama and glamour add a mirror. A large mirror like this one will make your space seem larger and throw more light around the room.

Using a glass mosaic is very beautiful, but can be extremely time consuming. Instead, try breaking a panel of tempered glass for a similar look. Check out the HGTV version I designed on "Hammer Heads" below.


Wood gives a warm feeling to any room, and this example gives a traditional material a contemporary feel.

Also, just for fun...Don't want to get rid of your old headboard? Recycle it like this Do-It-Yourselfer did. You could also use it for the back of a bench, as an accent behind your minibar, part of some interesting wall lighting, etc.