Fingerprint Tree

This different take on creating a wedding guestbook was something I saw on Pinterest and thought it would be perfect for a Christmas present too.  If you have a big family this would be a personal and unique way to illustrate your family tree and give your loved ones something they can cherish for generations.  My boyfriend has a really big family and his parents have 9 grandchildren so this will be perfect for them.  The wreath design also caught my eye, so I might have to try that one a little later.  You can buy the tree or wreath already drawn out and ready to go at the Etsy shop Love From The Thumb, or you can be crazy (like me) and draw it yourself.  I'll let you know how it turns out and post it when it is done.  Hope they will like it!  Are any of you making gifts for people this year?


Cleaning and Storage

Over the weekend I got in some major downtime, but unfortunately I can sometimes be a little type A, and also did some major cleaning and organizing.  It seems that when I slow down, I try to tackle those tasks that I normally put off.  In my cleaning frenzy I found this amazing thing called a Swiffer Duster.  I know, I know, it's been around for awhile.  I come from a tradition of using the same types of cleaning products that I've always used and not buying into a lot of fad cleaning items because they never work for me.  Well, I can tell you that the Swiffer Duster is AMAZING!!!! It literally sucked up all the dust in my house.  Usually, when dusting it seems like I am just moving the dust around or sending it back into the air to then settle again where it was before. Not this time!  It literally took me minutes to dust every surface of my home.  I'm in love.

Along with my dusting revelation, I also realized that I need to figure out a different way of organizing my cleaning products.  I'm embarrassed to admit that they are just sort of shoved in a bucket under my sink.  Here are some wonderful ideas I found around the web that I think will help to get me started.

The hooks on the door, or some type of door shelf would be helpful for smaller brushes or drying gloves.  There is also not a lot of space under my sink so taking advantage of the height of the cabinet would be a great idea.  The installation of a tension bar for spray bottles is really creative, but I'm afraid those bottles would get in the way of the stuff behind it (could be annoying).  I think the biggest success would be the sliding shelves.  That way I can easily access everything without having to reach all the way under the dirty kitchen sink. I can get an inexpensive plastic 14" Pull-Out Basket System at the Container Store for around $17.99 or I can spring for the more expensive Chrome 2-Tier Sliding Organizer (pictured above) for $75.  Decisions, decisions.


Being Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  May your home be filled with family, friends, and good food this holiday weekend.  If Black Friday is on your mind, I hope the parking spots open right away, the lines are fast, and the deals are awesome!  I will be shopping online and looking in stores later in the day when the madness has died down (I hope).  See you Monday!


Guest Post: Winter Textiles

was lucky enough to be contacted by Susi over at Design Shuffle about doing a guest post and I was really excited about the idea of introducing other talented writers and bloggers to you here at D+U.  My hope is that in the future I can bring you more contributors that will share their unique points of view and cool projects.  So with out further ado....(insert drumroll here)....

Hi, I'm Susi and I can usually be found over at Design Shuffle, a wonderful online community of design professionals and design lovers who share their work from around the world.  I love getting out and visiting great Interior Design blogs like Design Plus You. Thanks for letting me stop by!  I live in the Northeast and we got our first dose of winter this weekend so I'm thinking about cozy home textiles for winter already.  Here are some of my favorites. Enjoy!

The tartan is a classic pattern for fall and winter fashion so it makes sense for it to be a perfect pattern for cozy winter textiles. Wool blankets or cotton flannels in charming plaids are great to make a bed cozy for winter.

Warm woolen throws and blankets are a great opportunity to add color to a room. Drape a striped throw on a chair, bed or sofa to add pattern and color.

A favorite winter textile is the knit throw.  These are like sweaters for your furniture.  Cozy cable knits, thick garter stitch and finely knit cashmere are popular choices.

A winter bed is best made with layers and layers of cozy winter textiles. Down comforters, quilts, coverlets and throws add an extra layer of warmth, and can add great color and texture to a Bedroom Design.

Not your granny squares throw, these crocheted blankets are lacy wonders.  These delicate winter textiles look like woven snowflakes.

For a cozy winter table, use a throw as a table cloth. A cream throw add textures to this winter table. This is perfect for a tea or cookie party.

Fur is the ultimate luxury fabric for winter. Faux furs have come a long way recently and are a fantastic option for the budget or anti-fur decorator.  So soft and cozy!

Nothing says winter textiles like a stack of beautiful handwoven wools and mohairs.  For winter decorating ideas, look for throws, blankets and coverlets that will add color and texture to your rooms. Throw blankets are perfect for any Living Room Designs.

With winter around the corner its time to start thinking about cozy home textiles already! For more great ideas or if you want to share your inspirations, visit Design Shuffle, where you can learn about the History of Interior Design and connect with Boston interior designers and more!

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Unique LA Coming Soon!

This is going to be the gift-getting opportunity you've been looking for.  I can't wait to check out all of the crafty goodies that local artists have been working on this year at the annual Unique LA show.  This independent design show was conceived in 2008 by designer Sonja Rasula and continues to support and encourage the growing community of artists and designers in the area.  To read a really great interview with Sonja and how Unique LA came about check out this link to Laist.

So on to the details...there is an entrance fee of $10 a person, but with that fee you get a tote bag with a featured artist's work, FREE DRINKS, photos from their photo station, access to DIY workshops, and cafes with snacks. Yum! You really do get something for your money.  Not to mention unlimited access for the entire weekend event.  The show is December 3 + 4 from 11-6pm at The California Market Center in downtown Los Angeles.  These are the types of events that make me so happy to be living in LA and I'm excited to be able to go this year. I hope to see you there!

Check out this video for a sneak peek at the show.

The 3rd Annual Holiday Show from UNIQUE LA on Vimeo.


H.D. Buttercup Lighting

Here is a little eye candy for those lighting fanatics out there.  On a recent trip to H.D. Buttercup in Culver City I was really amazed at how creative lighting designers were becoming.  Especially with their use of materials and construction.  I think it would be a dream to use any one of these!  What do you guys think?  Too over-the-top or just plain fantastic?

So, I have to admit that I really like this funky light, but it sort of reminded me of Elmo too.  What do you think?


Thanksgiving Table Setting

The days are getting fewer and fewer between now and Thanksgiving.  It's time to break out the good china, dust off your serving dishes and stock the fridge.  I will not be hosting this year, but if I was these lovely place settings would definitely inspire my holiday table dressing.  Each setting is elegant, but also down to earth and comfortable.  The mixing of patterns and the contrast between natural elements and sophisticated dinnerware make for a welcoming environment ready for good food and conversation.  I have to admit that I've never attempted cooking a turkey before.  How many of you will be hosting this year?  Are there any dishes that are your "specialty" that you would recommend trying out?

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Creative Picture Frame Project

Like many of us out there, shopping is one of my favorite things to do.  Not only do I get a chance to peruse stores for interesting products, but now and then I come across a display that makes me stop and think.  For instance, at Pier One, this wreath made of frames really stood out.  What a great way to showcase family photos or pictures from your travels.  Also, it looks like you could make this on your own if you get a little creative with the support structure.  Instead of buying frames from a store you could try getting used frames from a thrift store and spray painting them.  That way the project would not only be cost effective, but have a more eclectic feel.


Electronic Cutting with the Silhouette Cameo

If you are a crafter of any kind, then this little beauty is going to change your life!  The Silhouette Cameo is a compact electronic cutting tool that can cut paper, fabric, vinyl, and more up to 12 inches wide and 10 feet long.  It can help you cut small details for cards, tags, vinyl letters for your wall, and even aid you in glass etching designs.  For anyone who has spent hours tediously cutting out shapes for a project, this cutter and software will make light of any cutting work, and perhaps encourage you to be more creative.  When I was getting a demo of the Cameo in the Paper Source I couldn't help thinking of all the things I could make with it's help.  These were projects I never would have considered doing before because of the amount of time it would take me to actually complete them, but with this "helper" they would be done with almost no effort.

With Christmas around the corner the Cameo would be a perfect gift for anyone who works with crafts, card-making, or even event design.  The price point is a little steep at around $300, but like purchasing a sewing machine, the possibilities are almost endless.  I'm going to be trying this out on my own soon and will let you know how it goes.  I think it will be pretty awesome though.

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Tunel House by Autoban

This stunning building in Beyoglu, Amsterdam was at one time used as studio spaces for local artists, but has been transformed into a beautiful residential home for Seyhan Ozdemir.  Autoban, the architecture and design firm behind the renovation, used the original character of the building and added their own design flair to modernize the space.  By using modern lighting fixtures, restoring the parquet flooring and adding decorative tile throughout the home they were able to successfully update the traditional design style of the period without detracting from the history of the building.  When I came across this space online I thought it was a boutique hotel at first.  To find out that this is someone's home...well, that is one lucky lady. That kitchen is just asking for a party isn't it?

If you haven't seen Autoban's other work, I recommend checking out more of their designs (HERE) for added inspiration and of course ogling.


Christmas Already?

Wow!  Did I miss something....like Thanksgiving?  I thought it was funny that when I went to Starbucks the day after Halloween that they had brought out all the red Christmas cups and the holiday drinks.  I thought, "They don't waste anytime do they."  But then a few days later I was in the Paper Source in Pasadena (one of my fav places) and they had this incredible holiday display.  To be honest it made me feel a little like I was in the Twilight Zone.  Where is the time going?  I love Christmas just as much as the next person (maybe even a little more) but come on!  It seems a little crazy to me to have Christmas stuff out already as I feel completely unprepared for the holiday.  However, I also can't help but feel a little cheerier when I think of the Christmas season and see all of the beautiful products and decorations.  Fa la la la la...la la la laaaaaaa.