Desk Made of Books

This is too great not to share.  The Delft University of Technology recently rebuilt their library after their old library caught on fire. (Yikes!)  The new building open, bright and has this amazing front desk made of books they were able to salvaged from the previous building.  I would love to "check this out" in person some day.  Get it...library books...check out...sorry I had to.

images: inhabitat


Woven Pendant Lights

When it comes to fall, I think of cozy knit blankets, burnt orange fall colors, and bringing more texture into my space using baskets, pillows, flowers and more.  One interesting way of creating texture in a somewhat non-traditional way is to hang a woven (basket-like) pendant light. Nothing makes a statement quite like lighting, and by placing a textural piece like the ones below in your space you can create a warm, natural feeling in your home.  Here are some examples of woven lights in different settings as well as a look at some affordable options available in stores.

1.Woven Beehive Pendant $99 @ West Elm  2. Emperor Pendant Lamps by Neri & Hu @ Moooi  3. Boja Pendant Light $59.99 @ Ikea  4. Leran Pendant Lamp $39.99 @ Ikea
images: yellow goat design, meanmaharani, west elm, kay douglass interiors, yellow goat design, west elm, poppytalk


Home Tour: Keri Russell

This beautiful looking Brooklyn home is the residence of actress Keri Russell, her husband Shane Deary and their son River.  Recently completed and featured in Elle Decor, these interiors are completely stunning.  I love the simplicity and the consideration for the existing architectural details of the original brownstone.  The molding, antique fireplace, as well as some exposed brick add to the character of their home, but the lighting, modern furniture and soft color palette give the brownstone an updated feel.  It is also very impressive that her husband did a lot of the renovation himself bringing in reclaimed wood for the kitchen and knocking down walls to create more space and bring in more light.

I highly recommend reading the short article published in Elle Decor as Keri describes the renovation process and her design choices when picking the color palette and furnishings.


Louis Ghost Armchair

This clear polycarbonate chair, designed by Philippe Starck in 2002, is a post-modernist take on the classic form of the Louis XV armchair and is one of my favorite armchairs on the market.  While it comes in a variety of colors and shades, the most popular "crystal" color is often what you see in homes.  Because of it's translucency and classic design it can be adapted into almost any design style with any color palette.  Another plus is that it is ideal for cluttered or small spaces. Like other clear furniture, the chair vanishes against it's background (hence "ghost chair") allowing it to be present but not stand out.  It creates an unabstructed view, but still serves it's purpose in a simple and elegant way. Read more about the Louis Ghost Armchair and it's construction at Design Within Reach.  Also, I would love to know what you think.  Do you feel it blends in with any interior, or do you think it should stick with a more modern aesthetic?  

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Small Space Home Tour : Gary Chang

This video is really interesting.  Like many things I've found in web searches, this clip was something I stumbled upon while searching for something else entirely.  In the video, architect Gary Chang gives us a tour of the home he designed in Hong Kong which is a total of 330 sq.ft. His creative use of space is really inspiring and shows you just how much you can keep in a small area if well thought out.  It also made me realize that I am living in a palace compared to the square footage he is living in.  Well done Gary.  Well done.

Sorry for the small size of this video.  Haven't figured out how to make it bigger yet.  Will work on that.  For a bigger version click HERE.


DIY: Outdoor Water Garden

I'm always on the lookout for new outdoor ideas.  Since living in LA, I have a new appreciation for indoor/outdoor living.  Unlike where I grew up in Ohio, where inclement weather prohibits leaving anything outside, in California most of the year is sunny and warm so it makes sense to create extra living space outdoors.  This is especially true if you are dealing with limited space to begin with.  These water gardens are a perfect outdoor space filler. They are ideal for renters looking for something temporary, or for homeowners wanting something easy to maintain that doesn't involve digging (no digging for me thank you).  Take a look at the full DIY at Fresh Home Ideas.


Keep Calm Gallery

Yey! It's Friday!  This week has felt so long for some reason.  It seems like it has been filled with things that appear to be quick and easy, but then take twice (or three times) as long as you thought.  I've definitely repeated the mantra "keep calm" a lot this week followed by deep breathing.  It reminded me that I wanted to share the Keep Calm Gallery with you.  As you may have seen in house tours on blogs like Apartment Therapy or Design Sponge, the "Keep Calm, Carry On" poster is a pretty popular choice when it comes to artwork.  It was originally created in England to keep up moral during WWII, but has since turned into a design trend showcased in posters and other merchandise.  To be completely honest I think the poster is just ok...I mean, I liked it at first, but it was like hearing a song on the radio too often...I got sick of seeing it everywhere.  The Keep Calm Gallery however, has all of these other really fun posters, tea towels and cards.  You should definitely take a look if you like graphic and illustrative artwork.  Happy weekend everyone!

images: Keep Calm Gallery


Happy Tape

Getting a new magazine in the mail is the best!  I can't wait to sit down and carefully go through them page by page for ideas and inspiration.  It's the same feeling of anticipation I get when I check my favorite blogs.  "What wonderful things will I see today?"  Well, when I was going through my newest copy of Fresh Home I stumbled upon this stuff called Happy Tape.  And like it says...it made me very happy.  Whether wrapping gifts or creating patterned wall art, this colorful tape can be used for whatever you can think of.  It's so simple that I can't believe that no one has thought of it before.  The colors and patterns are really fun and bright which would make this perfect for scrapbooking and children's activities too.  

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Missoni for Target

In case you missed the news, the Missoni for Target collection will be available in stores TOMORROW (Sept. 13th).  It's really impressive to see the variety of products they are offering.  Normally, guest designers stick with clothing only, but the Missoni collection has expanded into home decor, kitchenware, and even furniture.  This iconic Italian brand will be in your local Targets from now through Oct. 22.  I highly recommend checking it out (maybe even using it as a chance to get a jump start on your xmas shopping.)  Here is a sneak peek at some of the products you'll be seeing in stores tomorrow. Can't wait to see it all in person!

images: fashionista


Luxurious Airstream Trailer

Interior designer Rachel Horn and her husband Justin Kreizel recently restored this 1969 Airstream and it looks unlike any other Airstream renovation I've seen.  In fact, better than some apartments I've been in.  The Moroccan and Persian inspired interior is tastefully decorated with layered fabrics, Moorish architectural details, as well as other design elements that make this trailer not only beautiful, but functional as well.  Is it me, or does this make camping look totally doable.  No more tents for me...I want to stay with them. 

images: NY Times


Temporary Wallpaper

Living in a rental myself, it can be a challenge to make your space exactly the way you would want it to be due to the renter's rules.  However, I recently found this amazing temporary wallpaper that would be a pretty great alternative to the real thing.  The designs aren't that bad either.  How does it work?  People who have tried the product say that it is like a contact paper.  The self-adhesive paper can be repositioned as it goes up so if the pattern doesn't match at first you can move it around until it does.  Then, when you are ready to move, it comes right off.  How much is it?  The wallpaper varies in price, but usually runs a little more than a can of paint.  

Wallpaper can instantly take a room from nice..to..wow, and make it look like you spent a lot more money than you have.  It would be great to spice up my own space with some wallpaper one of these days that's for sure. I wonder how it would work in a kitchen or bathroom with all the heat and stream?

Take some time to peruse some of the places that carry this new home decor product.  Be mindful that some of the designs are definitely misses so it may take a little bit to find something that is modern and cool.

images: tempaper, pottery barn


I Love You, Man...Set Dressing

Because of the long weekend, I was able to catch up a little and had time to indulge in some of my favorite things.  This included reading some David Sedaris, going through my design / fashion mags, ice cream breaks, and watching movies.  One of my favorite movies is I Love You, Man with Paul Rudd.  The first time I saw this film I wasn't expecting much, but ended up laughing so hard that tears were coming down my face and I was actually in pain.  It was amazing!  Along with the humor and other shenanigans, the design of the house / set dressing was really well done and provides some great eye candy.  They mix mid-century pieces with modern fabrics and wallpaper which make the interior feel spacious, bright, and playful.

Also, notice in the last photo of this series that the actresses' yellow, green, and blue outfits match the decor...not an accident.