Spice it up with a little Suzani!

Suzani fabric is so unique looking and colorful that it has become one of my favorite fabrics. This style of fabric is a decorative textile, usually made of silk or cotton, and is made of several pieces of fabric that have been embroidered together using silk or cotton thread. A typical motif might include sunbursts, flowers, teardrops (paisley), leaves, fruit or fish and the non-synthetic versions use bold colors found in natural dyes like reds and blues. Although they are typically used as bed covers or wall hangings, the popularity of this fabric can be seen in pillows, upholstery, and other design elements. Historically, this type of fabric comes from Central Asia and were made by brides to give to their grooms on their wedding day as part of their dowry. Maybe this is why it is so commonly seen on beds.

pic courtesy of decorpad.com

pic from elle decor magazine

pic courtesy of house beautiful magazine

pics from southern accent magazine

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