Home Tours L.A.

Being a relative newbe to the Los Angeles area, even the west coast for that matter, has made me very curious as to local sites and attractions.  I was lucky enough to be invited by a friend to take a tour of one of LA's most iconic homes in the Hollywood Hills....the Stahl House. Later I found out that I wasn't lucky at all. They OFFER tours! After finding this out, I went on a quick search to find more. They are everywhere. If you can find the historical homes in your area and see if they offer tours.  Architecture and design enthusiasts won't regret it.  Hope you enjoy and get to check some of these places out.

Take a peek:

Tip: Go to the latest tour they have so that you can get plenty of beautiful night shots.

Interestingly enough the house is still owned by the original family. The furnishings you see are not the family's however, but are from Design Within Reach who have a sponsorship agreement with them.

I felt like we should all have martinis at this point.


  1. Great photos! Fun that you got to hang out until sundown.

  2. I would have slept over if they let me.