Fabric as Decor

A recent trip to the fabric store got me to thinking about fabric as art and decor. For instance take a look at the pictures below. This may be an easy and inexpensive way to add a little interest on one of your walls. Think of all the possible fabrics!




These embroidery hoops are interesting and inexpensive. Perfect to decorate a child's bedroom or above a work table. You could also turn it into a makeshift bulletin board. Try actually embroidering something on the fabric for a personal touch.


I know I wouldn't choose any of these fabrics myself, but the configuration is interesting. You could also work with fabric photo transfer paper to make some of these into a graphic statement.



Fabric in the kitchen isn't always the best decision if it isn't in the form of a towel, but these storage ideas are too cute to ignore.


Making fabric buttons is really fun and easy. Pretty soon you'll be trying to button everything you can. These would work well on a pillow that needs a little facelift.


With the holidays fast approaching these fabric links may be an easy way to brighten up your tree, but also are an eco-friendly way of using up those scrap pieces of fabric you have lying around. Old pillow cases, shirts, tablecloth, discarded sewing projects could all be used to construct this chain.

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