DIY Stockings

With Christmas fast approaching I thought it would be appropriate to feature some fun holiday stockings that can easily be made using felt, photo transfer paper, or can even incorporate your own socks. Be as creative as you would like with these. The more personal stockings will mean more to you and your family in the future.


Adorable and easy to create in a sitting or two. Could be a great craft project for kids and is a wonderful way to spend some time with them that doesn't involve baking cookies.


Traditional, but also youthful and fun. I also really like the idea of the felt garland in this picture.


Personal and funny.


Photo transfer paper would make these a snap.


This is an interesting way of making little gifts feel like a lot.


Think creatively with materials you already have. This person used dress forms and measuring tape to hang on the mantel for Santa. I love that you can see the colorfully wrapped items inside.

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