Creative Children's Storage

When working with clients it can be difficult to find the right kind of storage that will work for parents and their children.  As we all know, a child's room can go from pristine to catastrophe area within minutes, but having storage solutions that promote "clean up time", are multi-functional, or can be hidden quickly can help in this constant struggle.  Below are a few really adorable, and really functional ways of storing and organizing the loads of toys, clothing, and books that can accumulate.  

Such a clever way to store toys, this felt toy box is not only visually interesting, but is safe for toddlers and can be a staging area for playing with other toys.  Brilliant!

Wooli Children's Storage by Baby's Breath shop on Etsy

This is a great piece that can go in any room.  With it's easy storage, portability and chalkboard top it is practical for parents and fun for kids.  My favorite aspects are that it's dark walnut finish makes it look more sophisticated than most children's toy boxes, and the top can easily be turned over when company stops by.

Storage Table in Walnut at Posh Tots

An easy DIY, these wood storage bins, that you can get at almost any flea market, are a great rustic addition to a playroom.  The casters on the bottom make them easy to move from room to room too.  Also, try sealing the bins for a nice rich color.

Rustic Wood Storage Bins on Wheels by Rose and Grey

Another simple, but impactful way of spicing up the storage in you child's room is to paint on the furniture.  An old dresser gets a facelift with white paint and a bright, graphic red elephant.  It will bring an element of fun to putting away cloths.


This wardrobe is pulling double duty as cloth storage and a height chart.  A cute project that won't take much time, and is very fun for the kids.

Height Gage Wardrobe by designer Sebastian Bergne
found at Smallable

As for larger amounts of space that won't be seen, this bed provides under storage that can easily tuck away.  It also has detachable parts in case you need storage elsewhere. 

Nonjetable Adaptable Bed by Little Fashion Gallery

A compact playstation, this stackable storage unit comes apart and gives you a chair and desk as well as dresser. Multifunctional furniture can be more expensive, but often worth the extra money because you get the most use out of it.

SUMICA (Stool, Desk, Dresser) designed by Michiko Eguchi
featured on Inhabitots 

Storage isn't just about toys, but books as well.  Here are a few creative organizers from small to large DIY projects.

These animal index cards quickly add interest to your bookshelf.  You could buy, or easily make these using black matte board.  Try also using colors.  Maybe color some in as a project for you and your kids.

Animal Index Cards by designer Hiroshi Sasagawa

found HERE.

If there is a carpenter in your house, then a simple pattern, jigsaw and some spray paint can give you the same effect.  However, if woodworking is not your thing, as for many of us it is not, then go to dwell studio and click "buy."  This is too adorable to pass up.

Bookshelf Elephant - Lemon at Dwell Studio

This tree bookshelf is a little larger, but not impossible to do with scrap pieces of wood and 2x4s.  Make sure everything is attached properly and hit the studs whenever possible.  We don't need this tree falling down.

Tree Bookshelf by designer Shawn Soh
featured at Inhabitots

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  1. That tree book shelf is very cool! I will def. look into buying one of those. I like when cubby storage units blend in with the rest of the room.