Easy Embroidery Project

Over the holidays I try to make gifts for family and friends whenever I can. This year I wanted to make a gift for my friend in New York that was personal, but let me stretch creatively into a craft I had never tried before. Embroidery was something I've always been drawn to, but finding something that wasn't too technically overwhelming or time consuming was a little tricky. After all, xmas was only a few weeks away! Eventually, I was inspired to make a gift that reflected how much I missed us living nearby one another. The design was easy, the materials inexpensive, and the message heartfelt....the best combination!

Materials Needed:

-Embroidery hoop (I used a 6" hoop)
-Medium to heavy weight embroidery fabric (for beginners)
-Embroidery thread (Black and Red)
-Large crewel needle (size 10 or 12)
-Iron-on photo transfer paper


1. Find desired contour image (lines only) online. Make sure resolution is big enough that when you enlarge it it doesn't come out fuzzy. Having nice crisp lines will give you the best result. Make a copy on regular printer paper and hold copy, fabric, and hoop up to the light to make sure image will fit in the desired area. If successful, then you reverse (or mirror) the image using a photo program. Print reversed image on the iron-on paper. VERY IMPORTANT! If you don't mirror the image before you print, when you iron it on your fabric it will come out backwards. More information on printing with iron-on transfer sheets should be included in the directions that came with the paper.

2. Before transferring image make sure that your fabric has been ironed and is wrinkle free. Line up the image on your fabric and iron. Follow directions that came with iron-on paper for more info on iron settings.

3. After image is in place on your fabric, put fabric in hoop and secure. Cut off excess fabric that sticks out of hoop.

4. Cut about 20" of thread. For a smaller (less chunky) look separate some of the 6 strands of the thread and use only 3. Thread needle and sew small stitches following the pattern. Make sure the thread is covering the printed outline. Work with the black thread first and then with the red.

5. For an extra detail, write a small message on the back of the hoop along the wood.


  1. so glad you posted this! Now I just got to get it together and do it!

  2. I am working on my valentine project soon and will post that one next week. Very excited to have more craft time ahead. :)

  3. maybe we should crafternoon for valentines day! i am so bad with that holiday.

  4. Would a 14 count Aida cloth work?