Stylishly Creating Space in Your Bedroom

When it comes to your bedroom there may be a few areas that could provide you with a little extra space. Whether you want to add more things to your collection, or if you want to just have some room to breath, these quick tips can help you achieve your goal.

Organize your drawers and go through your clothes. Remove items you don't want / need anymore. Stow seasonal items (ex. sweaters, heavy coats) away for the season so that you can find the items you use everyday easily and without digging.

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Storage chests give you extra space for those sweaters and blankets while providing you with a place to sit and tie your shoes, or prop books and other often used items.


Here is a great example of transforming an unused space into usable storage. Not only did they hide their radiator with a practical window seat, but they built two large cabinets to either side for larger storage and used the header above the window to store smaller items.


Not all beds need to have the full pullout cabinetry underneath, or the slide and hide tupperware containers. This bed has lovely woven baskets to hold their extra items. The warmth and texture of the baskets compliment the warm earth tones throughout the room and give it an added natural feel.


Not that many of us have this option, but I thought it would be cool to take a look at an innovative solution for storing extra clothes. Very interesting, but not sure how practical.

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Using a dresser as a side table next to your bed can be a smart way of combining the elements you need. It is a functional side table where your light, clock, and books are located, but is also providing you with much more storage than a typical bed side table.

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Another way to save space is use a desk as your bed side table. By combining two functional areas, you are able to save space in another area of your home.

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