Escape the Heat

If you are in the LA area then you know that it has been hotter than hot.  With temperatures in the upper 90's and even into the triple digits it is time to search out ways of staying cool.  One of my favorite things to do after surviving a day of heat is to take an evening walk to cool off.  I love summer nights because everything is quieter and more peaceful.  Spending anytime outdoors and getting fresh air after you have been sweating all day is amazing.  I can't wait to have my little outdoor space done so that I can sit out there and enjoy a little lemonade or an after dinner popsicle.  The style I'm going for is vintage, bright, and maybe even a little parisian.  What do you think?

**Recipe for Honey Ginger Lemonade**

images: Happiness Is blog, Lottie and Doofhomeinspiring.com, keeneqlibbys.blogspot, domino mag, the contemporist, casa sugar, house beautiful

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