Olive & Thyme

I'm happy to announce that there are some new restaurants moving into my neighborhood that are hip and eclectic...just the way I like it.  Olive and Thyme is one of the newest additions to the thoroughfare of eateries on Riverside Drive and brings with it the charm and warmth of a French bakery / country kitchen.  My fav!  The delicious coffee and pastries is enough to make your stomach growl, but they also have merchandise walls full of goodies like homemade coconut marshmallows, organic honey, and other gourmet foods.  Although their prices are a little more than you might typically pay, I would go in for a visit just to see the unique design of the store with its marble countertops, white-washed wood ceiling, bistro-style furniture, and stained concrete floor.  I wish I had a kitchen just like it.

top 2 images from olive and thyme


  1. where is this? silverlake? I want to go! Or where you live? I think we may need to take a trip there.

  2. It's in Toluca Lake. Actually right down the street from me. Thought it would be cool for book group, but they close at 8pm. Boooo. We should try to go some other time.