Happy Tape

Getting a new magazine in the mail is the best!  I can't wait to sit down and carefully go through them page by page for ideas and inspiration.  It's the same feeling of anticipation I get when I check my favorite blogs.  "What wonderful things will I see today?"  Well, when I was going through my newest copy of Fresh Home I stumbled upon this stuff called Happy Tape.  And like it says...it made me very happy.  Whether wrapping gifts or creating patterned wall art, this colorful tape can be used for whatever you can think of.  It's so simple that I can't believe that no one has thought of it before.  The colors and patterns are really fun and bright which would make this perfect for scrapbooking and children's activities too.  

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  1. Wow..This is really so beautiful stuff..nice use of satin tape..I really love this creativity.

  2. This stuff looks awesome. Great ideas!

  3. Thank you! I need to get some of this stuff for xmas this year. Taking present wrapping to the next level.