Temporary Wallpaper

Living in a rental myself, it can be a challenge to make your space exactly the way you would want it to be due to the renter's rules.  However, I recently found this amazing temporary wallpaper that would be a pretty great alternative to the real thing.  The designs aren't that bad either.  How does it work?  People who have tried the product say that it is like a contact paper.  The self-adhesive paper can be repositioned as it goes up so if the pattern doesn't match at first you can move it around until it does.  Then, when you are ready to move, it comes right off.  How much is it?  The wallpaper varies in price, but usually runs a little more than a can of paint.  

Wallpaper can instantly take a room from nice..to..wow, and make it look like you spent a lot more money than you have.  It would be great to spice up my own space with some wallpaper one of these days that's for sure. I wonder how it would work in a kitchen or bathroom with all the heat and stream?

Take some time to peruse some of the places that carry this new home decor product.  Be mindful that some of the designs are definitely misses so it may take a little bit to find something that is modern and cool.

images: tempaper, pottery barn

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