Missing My Computer

Oh, Boy!  I took my computer in the other day because I was having a pixel issue with my screen and they ended up having to replace the entire monitor.  I've never had any issues with my Apple products before (knock on wood) so it was sort of a shock when they said they had to TAKE MY COMPUTER for THREE to FIVE DAYS!  Handing it over was like handing over a child, or what I would imagine that to be like.  I've been "unplugged" from the world for three days and although it was sort of nice to not have the distraction, I've felt like I've missed so much.  This may be a lesson telling me to disconnect more often.  If I am going through withdrawal from my computer when it was only gone for a few days, then I may have a problem.  How about you guys?  Have you ever been without your computer/lifeline for an extended period of time and freaked out?

image: apartment 34


  1. Yes, I feel naked if I don't have my cell phone. But I sit for a min, take a few deep breaths and think about the days when survived without them...is it possible to unplug every once and a while. It's so nice!

  2. Three to five days without a computer? That is like three to five days of no connection to the outside world! I hope all the PC issues are resolved. But when you look at it on a different perspective, the bright side is, your PC did come back to you good as new!

  3. You’ll definitely miss your computer if you’re the type of person who considers his PC as one of his basic necessities in life. It’s hard during your first few days but soon after, you’ll get used to it and you’re gonna survive without your PC. ;) You’re lucky, huh! At least, it didn’t take a week or more before your computer was returned to you.