Field Trip: Anthropologie Concept Shop

Not being able to hold out any longer, I finally made a trip to see the new design concept shop at the Beverly Hills Anthropologie.  You may recall my coverage of the new in-store decor shop in a posting a little while back (click here to check it out).  While it had a small representation of furnishings, wallpapers, and lighting along with some smaller accessories, it was pretty much the same as it has always been.  The store reflected the creativity and color that is now synonymous with the brand, with the only difference being some additional flair in the decor area. There is enough to warrant a visit to one of their select locations as long as you are aware that there may not be much variety in home products.  Best to meandering around and enjoy the "Anthropologie experience" rather than expect to redo your home.

Unique wallpaper samples available for order through the store.

If you are looking for a little inspiration for your space, or interested in some stylish books for your coffee table, the design books featured below are all worth a look.  To get an even better deal on these titles try to get them used at Half.com.  They are often in great condition and are easier on your wallet.

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