HD Buttercup / Skeletal Pics

HD Buttercup is a high-end furniture retailer here in LA.  On a recent trip to visit this vast design warehouse I was happy to see that something I wrote about over a year ago was actually featured in the store (click HERE to see full post).  If you remember, I went to the Burton Antique Show awhile back and found some very unique medical posters (see above).  Well here they are in full effect!  Take them out of the flea market tent and put them in a high-end showroom and viola...instant chicness and way more $$$$$$.


  1. Hi Susie! Love the new blog, it's simply fabulous! And i am still waiting for the day that i can afford to let you loose on my entire house. i would so LOVE that. Hope to see you soon!

  2. This is Emily Chamberlain, btw. i just realized embot doesn't take you to my blog or tell you who i am! haha