Sticker Wallpaper by Payton Turner

In Elle Decor this month they featured the artist Payton Turner who has come up with a new technique of creating "wallpaper".  She uses STICKERS!  I think I can safely say that we've all dabbled with putting stickers on our walls as kids, but Payton has turned it into a beautiful, colorful, and unique form of wall art that has become her career.  Who knew?  At first glance her work appears to be a sophisticated print, but close up it become a landscape where tigers, monster trucks, ice cream cones, and Elvis's coexist.  It gives traditional patterns a non-traditional, irreverent edge.  I completely love it!

To commission her or buy a framed piece of art visit Flat Vernacular.com


  1. I saw her work featured too! I am kinda in love with it. So fun and fresh. Love it when people go outside the box like this. xo

  2. The ultimate would be if she used fuzzy stickers (do you remember those) and created a damask. That would be awesome! Thanks for stopping by and commenting Chelsea. Glad you liked the post.