Store Visit: Potted

There are many garden stores in Los Angeles, but I've found that none compare to Potted in the Atwater/Los Feliz area.  After driving by my first impression was that it was just another garden center, but then quickly realized that "Hey, wait a minute...was that modern outdoor furniture?"  A u-turn followed and I found that I had been missing out on an amazing home store right in my neighborhood.

Potted is a garden lover's dream!  It is tastefully curated with a unique selection of modern to antique outdoor accessories that range from the manufactured to the handmade.  Perfect if you are looking for signature pieces for your home, or for a special gift.  Along with the great selection of products, the store has a laid-back vibe and the staff make you feel comfortable and completely at home.  I was greeted by one of the owners, Mary Gray, who took the time to tell me about the store, and then gave me all the time I needed to peruse (geek out) over their products.  I'm definitely going back for some Christmas gifts soon and can't wait to pick up one of their Lilac Dandelion Glass Jar Candles.  For more information visit them online at PottedStore.com

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  1. love the post Susie! It reminds me of my local Ace Hardware store. The handmade objects are ser-weet! Nice to meet you through blogging your way. martine x