Cleaning and Storage

Over the weekend I got in some major downtime, but unfortunately I can sometimes be a little type A, and also did some major cleaning and organizing.  It seems that when I slow down, I try to tackle those tasks that I normally put off.  In my cleaning frenzy I found this amazing thing called a Swiffer Duster.  I know, I know, it's been around for awhile.  I come from a tradition of using the same types of cleaning products that I've always used and not buying into a lot of fad cleaning items because they never work for me.  Well, I can tell you that the Swiffer Duster is AMAZING!!!! It literally sucked up all the dust in my house.  Usually, when dusting it seems like I am just moving the dust around or sending it back into the air to then settle again where it was before. Not this time!  It literally took me minutes to dust every surface of my home.  I'm in love.

Along with my dusting revelation, I also realized that I need to figure out a different way of organizing my cleaning products.  I'm embarrassed to admit that they are just sort of shoved in a bucket under my sink.  Here are some wonderful ideas I found around the web that I think will help to get me started.

The hooks on the door, or some type of door shelf would be helpful for smaller brushes or drying gloves.  There is also not a lot of space under my sink so taking advantage of the height of the cabinet would be a great idea.  The installation of a tension bar for spray bottles is really creative, but I'm afraid those bottles would get in the way of the stuff behind it (could be annoying).  I think the biggest success would be the sliding shelves.  That way I can easily access everything without having to reach all the way under the dirty kitchen sink. I can get an inexpensive plastic 14" Pull-Out Basket System at the Container Store for around $17.99 or I can spring for the more expensive Chrome 2-Tier Sliding Organizer (pictured above) for $75.  Decisions, decisions.

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