Tunel House by Autoban

This stunning building in Beyoglu, Amsterdam was at one time used as studio spaces for local artists, but has been transformed into a beautiful residential home for Seyhan Ozdemir.  Autoban, the architecture and design firm behind the renovation, used the original character of the building and added their own design flair to modernize the space.  By using modern lighting fixtures, restoring the parquet flooring and adding decorative tile throughout the home they were able to successfully update the traditional design style of the period without detracting from the history of the building.  When I came across this space online I thought it was a boutique hotel at first.  To find out that this is someone's home...well, that is one lucky lady. That kitchen is just asking for a party isn't it?

If you haven't seen Autoban's other work, I recommend checking out more of their designs (HERE) for added inspiration and of course ogling.

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