Cool Stamps Coming Your Way

Something new is happening at the post office!  I know your anticipation must be killing you.  It's almost like something exciting happening at the Library.  This is actually pretty cool though.  In mid-July they are going to be releasing a series of stamps called "Pioneers of American Industrial Design."   In this collection they will be featuring the work of 12 of the nation's most influential designers of the century and their work.  Each stamp will include the designer's name, the type of object, and the year when the object was made.  These lovely stamps will include everything from furniture design to lighting and office supplies.  Let me tell you, this will be a welcomed relief from the wedding bouquet stamps they have been giving out lately.  I'm a sucker for good design and will be looking forward to their debut in July. 

Read more about the release of these stamps and a brief history about the featured designers at the USPS website.


  1. LOVE IT!!!!! SO buying these....

  2. Those are awesome! Now I just need to write those letters I have been putting off.