Latent Energy Use

With the first day of spring officially behind us it is time to focus on planting gardens, spring cleaning, and finding ways to conserve. There are many appliances and other electrical devices that we use everyday, and when not in use, continue to use up energy.  These devices are called energy "vampires" because they continue to suck power without us realizing it.  With advances in technology there are now ways to determine how much energy is actually being consumed, thus providing you with the information to make changes where needed.  The Belkin Conserve Insight Energy-Use Monitor allows you to take precise measurements of your electrical devises finding the cost per year and month, the amount of CO2 produced, and the amount of watts used.  Having this information can help you reduce the total cost of your bills, and more importantly reduce the environmental impact.

Available on Amazon for $26.99

Wondering how to make reductions after you assess your energy consumption?  A simple way of decreasing the amount of energy being consumed by non-active electrical devises is to invest in a Conserve Switch.  This surge protector allows you to shut off computer components,  appliances, etc. with the click of a button.  Special features include a remote control that works up to 60ft. away, and Two Always-On outlets that stay on for devises that need continuous power. 

An 8-outlet protector is available for $39.99 at the Apple Store.

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