Making Room for Kitchen Appliances

Better Homes and Gardens
Finding space for kitchen appliances within a small kitchen can be a real trick.  But with some handy dandy inventions you can easily turn an area that was once an eye sore into a clean and organized space.  

The best way to keep your appliances out of view, but within reach, is to install built in sliders or various other pop-up or fold away mechanisms.  

 Southern Living

Better Homes and Gardens

If built-ins aren't an option, try to make their presence intentional with open shelving that mixes kitchen necessities with appliances for one cohesive and functional look.

Apartment Therapy

Oh La La!  I'm sucker for a white kitchen!

Domino Magazine

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  1. I also have a small kitchen area, and with the various appliances I own, organising them in such a small space is a challenge. But I think I found the solution to my dilemma, thanks to your tips. I’ll have some sliders installed right away!