The Hidden Office

Many of us have desk clutter sitting around in our workspace.  What if there was a way to get rid of that debris, or at the very least, not see it?  Some designers out there were thinking the same thing and have come up with some very interesting solutions.  Whether you buy a piece of furniture, repurpose your old furniture, or create a special office nook for yourself, there are ways to achieve a functional office without having to sacrifice style.

Here are some very good options for those who desire a desk that will blend in with all types of decor and disappear amongst other furniture.

Not just for offices, but for garage work areas as well.


Another great way to find room for office supplies is to reappropriate your furniture.  By utilizing closed storage you can create an office supply area or even use a pull-out cabinet feature to hold your printer.  As Martha Stewart illustrates in the images below, turning a window seat or storage chest into file storage can be a tasteful way to hide your important papers.  It is functional and space saving at the same time!

If you have the right space for it, try to create an entire office area that can easily be hidden.  Closets or small nooks in the architecture of your house or apartment are perfect for this.  They can be hidden using sliding doors, curtains, or screens and appear purposeful in your room's design.  Also, try getting creative with materials because this could be another opportunity to enhance your room's style.  

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Martha Stewart

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