Project One: Kitchen Makeover

am going to be moving next week to a lovely new apartment only a few miles away from my current place and I couldn't be more excited.  Hardwood floors, a small outdoor area, and an eat-in kitchen that is double the size of my current kitchen.  Yey!  Anyway, as you can imagine I have many ideas to customize the space for myself, and I will be updating you as the design process progresses.  My first challenge will be finding a paint color for the kitchen that will go with the black and white linoleum flooring and the orange cream tile.

Here are some inspirational pictures of kitchens that have similar checkered flooring and great style.  

Domino Magazine 

Kate Spade's Kitchen 

And some pics of my favorite kitchens right now.

Domino Magazine

Laid back provincial

French blue with open shelving and a cute curtain below.
Lonny Magazine

Natural light is everything!  Also, love the marble table with bentwood chairs and vintage maps on the wall. 
Desire to Inspire


  1. you think extending that cream around the walls or a more neutral version of it could work? I love that kate spade kitchen. Seems so simple and yet funky with the addition of the black and white cushions.

  2. Paint ur wall nice, bright, crisp green to bring the outdoors in. Or check out these wall stickers my friend Pam told me about:

  3. ps. can't wait to see the new place!!!!!! :O)